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CVISION Releases Trapeze for Invoice Processing 3.0
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Thursday, 20 June 2013

CVISION Technologies releases Trapeze for Invoice Processing 3.0, an Accounts Payable Automation solution proven to reduce costs for organizations of any size


CVISION Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of software to optimize document-driven workflows and business processes, announced today the release of Trapeze for Invoice Processing 3.0.


CVISION’s Trapeze for Invoice Processing streamlines and automates the process of manually entering data from incoming invoices. By automating the accounts payable process, organizations are able to lower costs by reducing time and errors associated with manual data entry. Trapeze for Invoice Processing 3.0 differentiates itself with the highest (OCR) recognition rates available, as well as advanced machine learning technology to continuously improve data extraction. Trapeze for Invoice Processing optimizes the accounts payable department and allows organizations of any size to realize a tangible ROI within a short period of time.


“We are very excited about our latest edition of Trapeze for Invoice Processing,” says Chris Koulouris, director of marketing at CVISION, “We are confident the new features will benefit organizations looking to reduce their accounts payable costs while accelerating business processes. Trapeze for Invoice Processing differentiates itself from other products by offering higher recognition rates. As we offer organizations higher recognition rates when processing invoices, they are able to achieve more automation and a faster ROI.”


Trapeze for Invoice Processing 3.0 features an enterprise edition specifically designed for large organizations in need of an industrial strength solution. Users can process a high volume of invoices and accounts payable related documents per day. They are also able to monitor the status of invoices in real time. Trapeze Enterprise allows users to set up business rules for each document type, configure complex document processing workflows with ease, including automated classification and routing.


Trapeze for Invoice Processing 3.0 enables organizations to:


• Dramatically reduce overall accounts payable costs with automated data extraction technology


• Improve accuracy of invoice processing by leveraging the most advanced OCR engine available


• Retrieve invoices instantly with dramatic file compression and PDF optimization technology


• Eliminate manual handling of invoices to allow employees to focus on other value-added tasks


• Seamlessly integrate with their existing accounts payable system


• Customize user-defined business rules to fit their business rules profile


To learn more about Trapeze for Invoice Processing 3.0, please visit the CVISION website to request a f

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