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The Latest ColumbiaSoft Release Delivers Updated AutoCAD 2013 Integration
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Written by Jenny Curtis   
Wednesday, 29 August 2012



The latest software release by ColumbiaSoft delivers a long-standing AutoCAD integration which helps organizations in the engineering, construction, and manufacturing business improve project document management. ColumbiaSoft Document Locator version 6.2 is compatible and integrated with Autodesk AutoCAD 2013 to allow unified management of design files with project documents and communications.



“For CAD users and the entire project team, ColumbiaSoft connects people across all the roles and areas of responsibilities so that everyone stays informed with access to information throughout the project,” said ColumbiaSoft executive vice president David Pogue. “Ease-of-use has always defined our offering, and incorporating information management within the varied applications that people already know and use every day is the best way to make it easy and transparent for end users.”


The combination of drawings and documents within a single file management system has several advantages over disconnected systems. Project team members can easily collaborate without specialized software for individual users. The information is easier to find, since the files are categorized with uniform attributes for easy cross-reference. For instance, engineering change orders can be promptly identified and retrieved with all associated communications and related documents - all in a single search. This also enables quick and accurate decision-making.


Integration with AutoCAD mirrors connections ColumbiaSoft has engineered within other software applications such as MS Office for documents, emails and spreadsheets; Adobe Acrobat for publishing and digital signatures; and Informative Graphics Brava! for markup and universal file viewing.


AutoCAD Integration Details

Captures drawing versions and related project files throughout the project lifecycle.

Enables Save, View, and Check-Out in AutoCAD.

Manages drawings, image files, external reference files, and other documents that have dependent file relationships within a unified system.

Automatically applies AutoCAD Title Block and OLE Property values, including Project Name, Hyperlink Base, Revision Number, Last Saved By, and Total Editing Time as metadata descriptors.


For further information, please visit www.documentlocator.com.



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