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Up To 40% Faster JPEG 2000 Compression & Decompression by Accusoft Pegasus
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Written by Jim Andrews   
Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Accusoft Pegasus, the provider of imaging SDKS (software development kits) has released a new version of PICTools.
PICTools now features a patent-pending JPEG 2000 performance optimization, which results in up to 10-40% speed increase of compression and decompression. The solution also features standards-compliant JPEG XR support as well as Lossless JPEG 64-bit speed optimizations for both Windows and Linux.

“We're very proud to offer our customers an enhanced product running at an increased speed - without sacrificing compatibility to standard JPEG 2000,” said Thomas Richter, Imaging Scientist. “This new release is the outcome of our years of experience in image coding research, especially in JPEG 2000.”

The PICTools JPEG 2000 technology offers a number of threads per operation, configured by the users, for optimal throughput on multicore CPUs. The compression and decompression of the JPEG 2000 image data is compliant with the DICOM standard. The JPEG XR standard offers higher quality than JPEG and provides features applicable to medical image storage. It can handle very large images, many different pixel formats and bit depths, lossy and lossless compression in a single container type, and alpha channel support.

PICTools technologies support 32-bit/64-bit Windows, 32-bit/64-bit Solaris SPARC, 32-bit/64-bit Solaris x86, 32-bit/64-bit Linux, IBM AIX, and MAC OS X.

Additional information on Accusoft Pegasus imaging technology solutions is available at www.accusoft.com.

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