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ImageGear for Silverlight v18 with Silverlight 4 Support Released
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Written by Jenny Curtis   
Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Accusoft Pegasus has announced the release of ImageGear for Silverlight v18. The products was built with Silverlight 4 and allows the creation of custom imaging applications.
The new features in ImageGear for Silverlight v18 include complete printing functionality, new annotations types, TWAIN scanning controls, improved mouse handling as well as display optimizations.

ImageGear for Silverlight is specifically designed for developers of Rich Internet Applications (RIA). The new software development kit (SDK) enables printing and scanning functionality, which allows users to print images directly from Silverlight applications, and offers full control over the print layout and lets users acquire images from locally running TWAIN scanners.

The display optimizations now allow print methods to work with datasets of over than 16 MB. ImageGear for Silverlight v18 also includes improvements to the pageview control. Annotation improvements in the edition include point and curve and text trimming, as well as clipboard support, which enables users to copy and paste text-based annotations.

ImageGear for Silverlight runs on the client system, and is a fully-managed solution which also supports continued operation when disconnected. Using the Silverlight SDK, software engineers can develop a single-user interface which enables users to view approximately 100 image file types, including raster files.

For more information on Accusoft Pegasus imaging SDKs, please visit www.accusoft.com.

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